Product FAQ


Where can I see your products?

We are currently working on our Central London Marketing Suite, but at this point you are welcome to contact us and we can organise a means for you to view them.

How do I buy your products?

We are not currently selling our products through retailers so please just give us a call or email us to organise for your purchase.

What is the delivery time for your products?

Due to the handmade nature of our products current delivery times are 8-10 weeks. If your project is more urgent however then, for a small carriage charge, we can send you any required concealed parts and fitting instructions within 2 weeks from order, which will allow your site to continue working whilst our technicians machine and finish your trim parts.

Do you also make shower & bath mixers?

Yes each range generally includes 50+ pieces catering for all areas of the bathroom and kitchen. We are currently working to display technical datasheets for all of these all on our website, but until that point please just drop us a line with your requirements and we can send them out to you.

Do you also supply matching heated towel rails?

We don’t currently make these products, but instead suggest that you use our hand towel bars on a heated wall system to achieve the same application. Email us to find out more on this technology or ask about it at your plumbers merchants.

What is the delivery time for your products?

Delivery times are typically 10-12 weeks.


What is the guarantee on your products?

All Watermark Collection products carry a 10 year working parts guarantee to be free from malfunction due to defects in material and workmanship. An identical guarantee is extended to all thermostatic shower components for a period of 2 years.

All of our ‘Fixed’ finishes are guaranteed for 7 years aside from Copper & Gold, which come with a 5 year guarantee. Our ‘Live’ finishes are intended to change over their lifespan and so are not covered by the guarantee.

For further information please see our full guarantee card or request a copy from our staff.


Do your finishes change with time?

Most of our finishes are ‘Fixed’ to ensure they will always look the same as the day you received them. In response to customer enquiries however we created Aged Brass as a ‘Live’ finish that will change and tarnish with use and in time to develop its own natural and unpredictable character.

Are there any special cleaning requirements for your products?

Soap and water are all that are required to maintain our products – the secret is to clean regularly.

To help maintain a high quality finish use warm water and a soft damp cloth. Do not use cleaners that contain abrasives, harsh chemicals, alcohol or solvents. Scouring pads should not be used and green sponges should be avoided as they often contain microscopic mineral particles that can scratch a finished surface.

To avoid stains and limescale build up users should seek to wipe the product dry after use. However if stains do appear they can be removed with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and warm water, or undiluted washing up liquid, provided that you subsequently rinse the area with large amounts of water to remove the cleaning solution.

To preserve the lustre of shiny finishes, occasionally apply a high quality, non-abrasive wax (such as car bodywork polish) to the surface before buffing away thoroughly to a sheen.

For further information please see our product care guide or request a copy from our staff.


Will your products work with European plumbing systems?

Yes, all of The Watermark Collection products have been optimised to work in the UK and Europe and are supplied with special adapters that will ensure your plumber can fit them to your local plumbing system. All of our mixer cartridges come from Italy and Germany and are therefore quickly available should you ever need to change them in the future.

What water pressure do I need for your taps to work?

All of our products have been designed to function in plumbing systems developing over 1.5 bar of pressure. They will work at their best however in systems delivering 3 bar.

Are your showers powerful?

We have carefully developed all of our mixers to deliver high levels of water to your showerhead to ensure you can enjoy the shower you’ve always dreamed of. Many of our clients are now looking to save water however and so we include a 7.5 litres per minute flow restrictor with every showerhead that ensures environmental concerns can be addressed whilst still providing a reasonable showering experience. If you want it to be more powerful than this however then your plumber can easily remove this restrictor. Full flow rates for each head are detailed on our technical sheets.